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Entity® One Colour Couture Gel

Transform your clients’ nails into stunning works of art with Entity Beauty Studio One Colour Couture Gel Polish!
Say goodbye to chipping and fading, because this long-lasting formula lasts up to 21 days without losing its dazzling shine.

With our custom-made Perfect Flex domed brush, you’ll have even more control and precision during application, resulting in a flawless and streak-free finish every time.

Plus, the high gloss finish will have your clients’ nails looking fresh and vibrant until their next appointment.

Indulge your clients with a stunning, long-lasting manicure that will leave them feeling confident and beautiful.

Rest assured that our Entity Beauty Studio One Colour Couture Gel Polish is not only high-quality but also safe and EU compliant. We take safety seriously and comply with all EU cosmetics regulatory standards, ensuring that our products are rigorously and meticulously tested before being released to the market. So you can confidently offer your clients a stunning, long-lasting manicure without compromising their safety.

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