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If your business includes spray tanning, you’ll know it’s been gearing up for a revolution…

Customers and professionals alike will no longer put up with streaky fake tan products that are full of unnatural ingredients and parabens. Understandably, they want and expect more from their beauty regime. Exposed have listened to what professionals and customers want out of a spray tanning formula, and after two years of tests and trials, they’ve come up with the answer…What we believe to the the BEST professional spray tan in the UK. A professional tanning product that ticks all the right boxes:

Allows a year-round tan with cutting-edge tanning technology
100% alcohol and paraben free
Made using Ecocert approved, natural good stuff
Exclusive to tanning professionals
Odour-free for a more pleasant experience
Longer lasting results
A natural, sunkissed tan for a healthy (not orange!) look